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Steffen Eisermann
Salzgeber Norbert
Murats Erstes[Enter] WBR:5
Turnierleiter14 swissdart
Mike Mettler
Murats Erstes[Enter] LBR:5

Color definition: Background
Not called [2]Called match [0]Call now [0]Unexpected long duration (or recall) [0]Locked (player or match or tournament) [0]

Color definition: (Text)
A player-name with this color has no phone-number in the database (and therefore he gets no SMS).
Teamname with this color has at least 2 calls.
If team appears:click OK. This color will only remain at the number of recalls (as marker).

This color at match-details indicates an interesting match (e.g. Final).
A player-name with this color is locked or is playing another match. In this state he will not be called to matches.
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